The Foundation funds scholarship awards designed to support families who do not attend a supporting church, and who have their children enrolled or would like to have their children enrolled in Hanford Christian School or Central Valley Christian School. Scholarships will only be awarded to students who have first met the admissions criteria in of the above mentioned schools: at least one parent and the child/children applying are expected to regularly attend and participate in the life of a Bible believing and teaching church. For more information, including admissions criteria, click on the provided school links.

Hanford Christian School has students enrolled from pre-school through the 8th grade.  The school was established in 1944 by the First Christian Reformed Church of Hanford.  Because the school has existed for almost 70 years, it has become generational with some families having three living generations who attended Hanford Christian.  Today, the school’s student body includes children whose families attend the supporting church, but also many children from families who do not attend that church, creating diversity in the student body.  The school is supported by a rich heritage and alumni who value Christian education.  Click here for more information on Hanford Christian School and for admissions criteria: http://www.hanfordchristian.org/

Central Valley Christian High School is located in Visalia, CA and began as an offshoot of Hanford Christian School.  The high school has a diverse student body supported by several churches and families from those churches, as well as Christian families from many more of the other local churches in the area.  The high school has many sports programs including: football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, cross country, track, and others.  There is also band, choir, music, AP courses, and varying levels of art classes available encouraging students to develop all of their God given talents.  For more information on Central Valley Christian High School, click here: http://www.cvc.org